Tale of Two Friends

Tale of  Two Friends

Play : Masum Reza

Direction: Mohammad Ali Haider


Tale of two Friends is a story about two childhood friends – Amir and Salman. They both aspired to become cricketers and applied for a scholarship for training in Cricket Academy of India. Both of them got the scholarship but Amir gets to go to India and Salmaan’s family restrain him from going for the training. Salman becomes very frustrated and lonely after Amir leaves for India and fell a prey of an evil circle of religious extremism. Rokeya who is the sister of Amir, fancies Salmaan and tries to lead him out of the vicious circle. Will Salmaan come out of the trap?

Opening night: April 30, 2011 at 7.00pm in Pegasus Theatre Hall, Oxford, UK.

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