Comments from Audience

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Comments from audience after show ( Tale of two friends)

Thank you both for inviting me for the premier of your play ‘The Tale of two friends’. The play was wonderful, fantastically directed and presented by actors so naturally. Music was superb.
I was totally captivated by the way the message was told with exciting storyline and at a fast pace .The speeches after the play by renown people were also good & food for thought.
When I write this mail now I feel like seeing the play again. It is a long time since I have felt so emotionally touched after seeing a ‘play ‘. Thank you all once again. —– -Uma Pushpanath

We all enjoyed the Show. we felt priviledged to be invited to the show. Fantastic performance with in short time and limited resources . it definitely gave us something new to think about. ——Dr Holly Dewan from Durham

We thought we are going to meet our friends and spend a good time watching some Asian cultural event, but we didn’t think that we would end up watching a highly  professional theatre play. The multiple use of the traditional towels of Bangladesh was amazing. Uses of boxes was also very innovative.—- -Marcus Thompson

I loved the music and the use of boxes.—— -Frida Ekuland


In a long time, I have seen such a rhythmic and entertaining play. I loved Bangladeshi rune. Thanks theatre folks. Welldone!!!!  -Peter Burn

Comments from the Pegasus comment book

–          Wonderful show! Loved the music!

–          Well done!

–          Very good show

–          A lovely hour long play followed by a less lovely two hour long series of announcements.

–          I loved it

–          Outstanding

–          Loved the play but didn’t understand the logic of the entire production team on stage.

–          Well done

–          Fantastic!!

–          Fantastic performance. Keep up the good work J

–          I really enjoyed, especially the big bang at the start. Well done to the cast

–          Well done, really enjoyable.

–          Magnificent!

–          Excellent production. Good cast. Hope you are able to perform in many places as well.

–          Excellent prod. Well done to all the cast.

–          Speechless!!!

–          A special play – very proud of the achievement. Well done.

–          Very colourful, lively performance –  message conveyed with humour and heart. Should tour schools up and down the country! Well done!!! J

–          Very funny

–          Very emotional… love the play.

–          Great!!! I loved it!

–          Very touching. Extremely talnted people. Best of wishes

–          I love the play

–          The bomb blast is great!

–          Mind-blowing


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